We Are Not Alone

Recently I have been reading about my friend’s granddaughter on Facebook. Her granddaughter is a two and half year old toddler who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer since the beginning of the year. Through her mother’s various Facebook posts I have read how the family has relied on Jesus Christ throughout their daughter’s illness. With each post she always brings the reader back to Jesus Christ. The family testifies on how they are dependent on the Lord through prayer, worship, praise and faith.  So much so that one day a local TV Station did a story on the little girl and her family. The entire State of Texas saw and heard her parents praising the Father and how they rely on Jesus Christ for everything.

Several times her mother has written how her daughter speaks about the Father “Mommy, Jesus was sleeping with me last night,” or while she is pain “Mommy, God loves us and God is not a meanie.” As I read her posts, I am reminded that the Father is always there, never abandoning us through difficult times. He promised “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” (Heb. 13:5) – we are not alone it’s a promise.

Elsa D.