TMI: Too Much Information

I love a quick browse through Facebook and Instagram as much as the next guy.  At times, though, I have felt appalled at what someone feels the need or urge to share.  TMI (TOO MUCH INFORMATION)! We seem to have a need to share with others, but in the process seem to have lost our filter.  We worry and complain about government “spying” on us.  We become concerned that potential employers are “snooping” in our business…. yet we turn around and post every detail of our day on Twitter or Facebook at times even overlapping over social media sites.  Recently I read an article where Franklin Graham was reminding us that God is always monitoring our posts and thus we should be posting as such.  While it is good to be an open book, we should choose our words (and posts) carefully.  Too many times, perhaps because of the sense of anonymity, we feel its okay to confront and perhaps even bully other individuals.  We seem to think that our opinions are so important and we need to put them out there without thinking of potential consequences.  We need to remember that someone else can do something negative with our information.  We need to show discretion.  Words, especially now, are not just deleted. They can linger on and be seen and misconstrued by people you don’t even know exist.  Harsh words can be perceived as bullying, injuring and they can be deceitful.  We should be focusing, as Proverbs 16:24 reminds us, “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Alex B.