Stop, Don’t Run Away

“When we do nothing for fear of being rejected, for fear we will not meet with success, we are missing what God has called us to do.” Greg Laurie

As women, we experience many fears about being rejected and being failures. We fear being rejected by love ones, job interviews and people in ministry. Sometimes fear overwhelms us when we take on a project that is not successful causing us to run away from seeking out new endeavors.

This fear of rejection and fear of failure prevents us from taking steps of faith. The enemy plants seeds of doubt such as “your teaching was bad,” “disciples others LOL,” “you are too young,” “you are too old” and on and on. Sometimes we just want to run away and hide.

Praise God, He has given us so many examples of Godly men and women who feared rejection and failure they ran away from God’s plans. But God didn’t reject them, He used them in a mighty way.

Look at Moses, he ran away after he took actions in his own hands, yet God used this stutter to liberate Israel from oppression; Jonah ran away from God’s calling, but God used a fish to bring Jonah back to his calling. How about Elijah, he ran fast for fear that Jezebel would take his life. Then there is Peter denying the Lord three times, yet he was used mightily. Sarah laughed when she heard she would have a child in her old age, yet she is in the Hall of Faith.

So are you feeling rejected, want to run away due to failure – stop, don’t miss out on what God has called you to do.

-Elsa D.