I Long For You

I love worship!  There are songs I love because they express the joy and hope I have in God and then there are songs that I love because they put into words emotions and thoughts that I just don’t know how to speak out.  I’ve been so blessed to be reading through the Psalms these past few weeks.  For the past few days I’ve had the song “I Long For You” on repeat and when I’m not listening to it I’m singing or humming it.  The song comes right out of Psalm 61.  Since I’m loving this song that means I’ve also been loving this Psalm, the words go like this:

Hear my cry oh God give heed to my prayer from the ends of the earth I cry out. When my heart is faint lead me to the rock the is higher than I, Let me dwell with you forever in the shelter of your wings, Hold me, Hold me in your presence never let me go. I long for you.

In the first few verses you can sense that David is going through something difficult, some kind of trial.  He is calling out to God asking Him to hear his prayer. He says his heart is faint.  Is your heart faint? What difficulty are you going through?

David knew the answer to a weary heart. Psalm 61:2b, “when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I”.  When we are overwhelmed the psalmist reminds us to look up towards God for His leading and guidance. Verse 4 tells us “I long to dwell with you forever in the shelter of your wings.” I love this verse because it keeps me mindful of my heart.  I’ve found that many times when my heart is overwhelmed and weary it’s because I’m longing for the wrong things. 

When I’ve found myself in that place of longing after the wrong things that’s when I need to start at the beginning and once again cry out to the Lord.  Follow David’s example: Cry out to God, Pray to Him, Pour out your heart and Long for only Him.

Kim S.