Wisdom as we Change in Order to Mature

So it has taken me 7 months to lose the weight that I have been wanting to lose (yeah). I share this, not to boast, but rather to share a point that God used this time to show me. This time around, my attempts at weight loss did not come easily at all. I was becoming frustrated and was about to give up. I began to pray really crying out for peace with where I was or for guidance with what I should do next. What worked (to manage my weight) in my 20’s did not work in my 30’s. What worked in my 30’s, did not work in my 40’s. You get the picture.

In our spiritual walk, many times we begin to take this same (lack of) approach. We think that the way we went about doing being in His Word should stay the same. We do not take into account our changes, prior knowledge, new circumstances, etc. By doing so, we may end up being stuck in our growth much like being stuck in our weight loss.
While His Word never changes (Malachai 3:6), we do. Parts of our bodies work slower and parts might stop working all together. We need to make adjustments in our approach to many things. In the same way, God wants us to exhibit signs of maturity, He wants us to be doers of His Word not just observers. He wants us to wean ourselves from spiritual milk and soft food and move into healthier, meatier food with more substance. Thus life in general and spiritually can become more meaningful.

Benjamin Jowett, an influential theologian, wrote, “Though I am growing old, I maintain that the best is yet to come-the time when one may see things more dispassionately and know myself and others more truly, and perhaps be able to do more, and in religion rest centered in a few simple truths. I do not want to ignore the other side, that one will not be able to see so well or walk so far or read so much. But there may be more peace within, more communications with God, more real light instead of distraction about many things, better relations with others, and fewer mistakes.”

We are encouraged to make changes and adaptations, taking into account our physical and mental changes, but embracing these to help us continue to grow. With our weight management, as our metabolism slows down, we are not told to give up or to completely stop eating, but rather we are encouraged to make changes and find new approaches to food and exercise. In the same way, we should be encouraged to not stop reading His Word, but rather to find new approaches or new groups in order to foster continued growth. 2Timothy 2:15 says, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to a god as a workman…accurately handling the word of truth.”

My prayer is that we may continue our growth while focusing on His Word until we meet Him for even more intimate studies in heaven.

Alex B