Will You Answer The Call?

Upon coming to CCLW, the leadership would ask me where did God call me to serve. The women’s ministry leader began inviting me to come to the Prayer ministry. Honestly it wasn’t something that appealed to me but I said I would pray about it. That unfortunately has become the customary answer when we don’t know how to say no to things. After continual invitations, finally, I had an excuse; I got sick and couldn’t go. That didn’t stop her asking, she said, “Come in pajamas and I’ll pick you up!” No way was that going to happen. Shortly after that I went. Among the women there, were 3 pastor’s wives and other ministry leaders. As they began to pray, I started to freak out. I thought, Oh man I can’t pray like them! What do I say, I’m going to sound dumb. I felt so inadequate. It wasn’t them that made me feel like that, it was my insecurities, and wrong focus. I’ll come back to what happened but I want to ask you now, “Where do you think God is calling you to serve?” Chuck Smith stated, “We often excuse ourselves from serving the Lord from our inadequacies. We leave the battle because we know that others are more qualified or more talented and could do a better job. He is not always looking for ability, just availability.”

The name of the Lord is Yahweh or Jehovah, meaning, “to be” or literally “the becoming one” It is the name by which God chose to reveal Himself to us, the I AM, the Becoming One, as God becomes to you whatever you might need. That is a comfort to me, as I abide in Christ, He will equip me for any work He calls me to do, as I trust Him to do it through me. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil. 4:13. Is He calling you to a certain ministry or work? Is it something you don’t want to do, or feel unqualified to do? Do you make excuses why you can’t?

Back to my story, I started going to prayer and being around these women, I learned from them. I began in faith to trust and rely on the Holy Spirit to help me. As I continued to go I began to enjoy it and it became easier as I submitted. We saw God answer prayer and I saw the need, as well as the importance of it .Years later there was no leader and the ministry stopped. God allowed me to start it again serving as the overseer. That was God! We all have been given different gifts/ skills to use for His glory.1 Tim. 4:14 , “Do not neglect the gift that is in you.” Trust and allow Him be your “I AM”. God will never call you to do anything that He will not enable you to do. Answer the call.

-Zelda D.