Resolved To Seeking Him

Proverbs 8:17, “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me.”

Being a child of a single parent, on a fixed income I learned the importance of being thrifty. My clothes were hand-me-downs from friends and family or hand-me-downs purchased at the local thrift store. Although, I appreciated everything I was given and the clothes served the purpose they were intended for, they didn’t compare to a new garment that was intended personally for me.

Today many believers are satisfied with a hand-me-down biblical message prepared by their pastor. They settle for God’s Word revealed to someone else instead of reading The Word for themselves. Of course those that teach us and pass along their understanding of God’s Word should be appreciated, but it shouldn’t replace our own desire to read and hear from the Word of God ourselves. Instead it should encourage us, stir us up and ignite a desire for us to spend intimate time with our Savior. We should all crave a message from God’s Word that has our name on it, a message that is designed to give us personal direction and guidance.

Perhaps you’re under the impression that God has a select group of believers he speaks to. Honestly speaking, they may hear Him in a way we do not, but if they do it isn’t because they are unique and special. It is because they have the discipline to do what any one of us can do. They seek Him; they open their ears to hear Him and are willing to obey Him.

One of the rights and privileges we have as followers of our Lord is to hear His voice. He has something special He wants to tell you. It’s been designed to minister to you individually. So, whether you sit in the pew or speak from the pulpit; teach bible study to young children or minister to the women at your church; whether your mission field is across the street or across the world, He can and will speak to you if you seek Him. He doesn’t play favorites. As His children we have the privilege of experiencing a personal relationship with the Father.

Often at the beginning of a new year we resolve to make changes in our lives. Perhaps your resolution was to get organized, to exercise, or to start taking vitamins, maybe you’d want to start saving for the future, begin sending thank you cards, or complete regular acts of kindness. All of those resolutions come with benefits; however I’d like to encourage you to do the “MOST IMPORTANT THING.” Read the Word, spend time with Jesus, sit at His feet, and never replace intimate time with Jesus for a second hand message. When He speaks to you listen and obey. You’ll discover that there is nothing like a garment fashioned especially for you from the Word of God.

Micah E