Are you ready for Christmas?

It seems every year I get asked this question earlier and earlier from many people and even basic strangers. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am a total enthusiast for the Christmas season. I tend to go all out with decorations, will plan an impromptu gathering at the drop of a hat, and love to honor my Hispanic heritage by continuing the season celebrations into January with “Dia de Reyes”. I love to hear the music of the season and must admit I love the corny “Lifetime” movies with the same theme over and over with just the basic names of the characters and towns being altered.

I especially love the fact that it is one time of year when even non-believers are “okay” with hearing some of the gospel message about the season. While they may not be ready to receive the greatest gift ever given to us; (“For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given…” Isaiah 9:6) they will unknowingly be tangled up in the very joy of what all of this means. As a believer, I see this as a great opportunity to at least plant seeds with others. Share with them about this greatest gift ever given; how in comparison to that gift, our own gifts to others are truly small.

It provides an avenue to renew in those who have backslidden or suffered loss and disillusion through the year, the story of hope and expectation that Christ alone has given. It is a time where we can remind others what this gift represents and how our celebrations need to continue throughout the year. I love being able to take the theme and doing random acts of “Christmas in July” or any other month for that matter. Again, Christmas is the vehicle to draw our eyes to Him.

Sometimes we tend to get sadden by the holidays what with the economy, broken families, loss of loved ones and other heartaches. We mourn the happier times, we mourn the changes. As a believer, I can feel encouraged by these times because, again, it provides an opportunity to share God’s peace (Philippians 4:7) “which is far beyond human understanding.”

So when we get asked the question, “are you ready for Christmas?” don’t get bothered and upset thinking the sales person is just trying to sell more wares, take it as a moment to reflect, are you ready to share the greatest gift of all with those around you?

Merry Christmas

Alex B.