Prayer and Fasting

Well ladies it’s been a couple of weeks since our “Inside Out Conference”.  I was really blessed and it amazed me how God worked out every detail.  If you weren’t about to attend the videos are here and available to be viewed.   The conference was great but we want to continue to be transformed from the inside out.  We’ve set aside the 10th of the month as our fasting day. Please join us in this and participate to your ability.

Set a goal and be realistic about it. Not everyone can do a 3 day fast or a 1 day fast.  If you can fast 1 meal or two that’s great.  God sees your heart and He will bless it.  Fasting isn’t about works and sacrifice it’s about denying yourself and putting God first. Below is a fasting pledge to help you with your fast.

God Bless Kim

Fasting Pledge                       Remember to fast April 10th

God is calling me to fast and pray for                                           

The fast is: water only / water and juices / a Daniel fast / a partial fast

If it is a partial fast, the foods I am not eating are                       

The foods I am eating are                                                               

The fast starts                                    and ends                              

My Scripture verse is                                                                       

My prayer partner(s)